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Polka Dot Dress By Shein

Hello August, Today’s post I am sharing my new obsession which is ” Polka Dots ” , As a girl I was never fond of polka dots until now( I don’t even own a pair of “polka dots outfits in my closet until now )..I came across this cute ” Exaggerate Ruffle Sleeve Polka Dot Dress from Shein officials that I fell in love with and had to have it, SO OF COURSE I ORDER IT…(BTW Shein have such cute clothes, bag and accessories etc ) and the prices you could not beat at all…Beside what’s more playful than polka dots, The classic print has such a fun details and everyone nowadays is wearing polka dots, but I am not mad about it because Fashion trends are totally in right now with polka dots right ladies(I will be adding more polka dots outfit to my closet ) ❀ At the moment polka dots is just one of the few I’m living in right now, It’s so comfortable, cute and fab……

If I was asked what three things do I love right now when it comes to fashion, It’s deff Polka dots, florals and florals …. And lets not forget Polka dots are having a Major Statement this summer..

Polka Dots Are This Summer Take You Anywhere Fashion TrendΒ 

Dress , Bag, Heels (All from Shein Officials )

Polka Dots are Spring and Summer Biggest Trends


Thank You For Stopping By Loves, Happy August <33333

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