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→Hello My Lovelies and Welcome To My Page. I can Finally say I made a BLOG PAGE after long debating and HEY Its 2018 why not ♥All my friends recommended me to make a blog page but I was always hesitance about making one but to tell you the truth I was very Fascinated with my friends blog pages and they looked so pretty and well designed. With work keeping me very busy it’s hard to make time with life and juggling everything around me, but I can guarantee you I will be posting more on my blog page and Instagram♥ I just want to share with the world my Taste in Fashion and Makeup, I am NO expert at what I do whatever comes to my mind ( HERE YOU GO). Anyways a little about me as you all know my name is Siyaada and I live in California and YES I’M CALI GIRL. I absolutely love my Palm Trees and the weather. I’m not a fan of blasting heat I am more of a cool breezing type of girl but I do love the sun sometimes(LOL) can’t make my mind up. OOOH Can’t forget I Love My Culture and I Respect it very much, I may not be religious but I do follow my religion.  YESSSSSSSSS I’m True Desi Girl at Heart. I LOVE my desi food, sweet,clothes,movies, spending time with my family etc .If you don’t know me already I stay watching Indian Movies like there’s no tomorrow. I am Shahrukh and Salman Khan fan, But I do love them all =). I am very Hard Working Person, I like to Laugh, Have Fun, Down to earth and silly, I can be serious when it’s time to get down to business. Don’t let my innocent face fool you (LOL).  As you  can tell the whole reason why I decided to make a Blog, is for people around the world who can enjoy and relate to my Fashion and Makeup Senses. Whatever comes to my mind and what I can put together I would Love to share with you all through out my Blog. My taste in fashion is very Simple yet Chic looking, and my makeup I just have a passion for it. I love to try new things and experiment with clothes and makeup( Will be seeing more of this soon). And lastly there is a Special Guy in my life, We known each other for 6 Years and been dating every since…♥ We both have came a very long way and we are still going very strong, we became friends instantly and ever since hes truly My Other Half ,Best Friend , Jaan, My Husband, Babe and I couldn’t ask for anyone better. And Finally on Aug 20th 2017, We both said “Kabul”, to each other meaning “I agree to marry you as my husband and wife”.  Finally Tie the knot with my best friend and I am now living in a fairy land making our dreams together for the future♥ And now we are officially adding a new addition to our little family baby girl Zara R Whyen (aka: Baby Whyen) born on May 25th 2018 ♥♥ As newly parents to baby whyen our lives have completely change but it’s filled with much Joy and Happiness….And As for now I am signing off and I hope everyone enjoys my little story for now←

Live Your Life To The Fullest 

Today. Tomorrow. Forever 

Happily Ever After……………