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Root & Sprouts

Root & Sprouts Collaboration  Hello Everyone, Welcome BACK TO MY PAGE.,.Today I am sharing my collaboration with you guys,. I did not know about "Root and Sprouts", until someone reached out to me about their wonderful products, This product I receive is "Super Burn Thermogenic Superfood Detox for a 14 day full supertox ", Now this… Continue reading Root & Sprouts

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Hair Clips/ Makeup

Hello Loves, How's everyone doing? Happy Ending Of April ❤ Today's post I am sharing my new addiction to my hair accessories " Hair Clips", and a little makeup look for yall.. Soon we are going to say Hello To Summer (Are we excited).., As I decided to share a little spring/summer neutral makeup look.,… Continue reading Hair Clips/ Makeup

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Yeouth Review Product

Yeouth Retinol 2.5 % Serum ( Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamin E And Aloe Vera ) Hello Everyone, Welcome back to my blog ❤ I know it's been a little while since I did a blog post but however I am back with a " Skin Care Review" today. When it comes to skin care products we want… Continue reading Yeouth Review Product

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A Bit Of Orange Shadow

Feeling The Orange Shadow Vibes Hello Loves, Happy NOVEMBER Can you guys believe it's already November , Hope everyone had a good Halloween now it's time to prepare for the upcoming holidays ❤ Today post it's all about " Feeling The Orange Shadow Vibes", using two of my all time favorite palettes ," Kylie Palette… Continue reading A Bit Of Orange Shadow

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Eye Dot Makeup

Exploring The Eye Dot Makeup Look Hello Howdy Loves, Today I am sharing one of my new favorite makeup look with yall ❤ This is also my first time trying this look out with dots and it's super easy anyone can try it and there's many way's you can also do this " Dots Look ",… Continue reading Eye Dot Makeup

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Life After Pregnancy

Our little Life After Pregnancy  Hello my loves, It has truly been a while since I posted a new blog post but as you guys know I am a New Mommy to Zara R Whyen (aka: baby whyen)  ❤ Today's post I am sharing a little of my birth story and life after pregnancy.. Baby… Continue reading Life After Pregnancy

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Black & Gold Shadow Look

Black And Gold Makeup Eye-Shadow Look   Hi Loves, And welcome back to my page... Happy Ending of April, Today's post I am sharing another one of my favorite makeup looks I did using "Black and Gold Shadow "♥ I love trying out new colors and design to share with you all, Remember I am… Continue reading Black & Gold Shadow Look

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Makeup Look ( Aqua Blue Glow )

Feeling the Aqua Blue Glow      Hello Loves, How's everyone doing ? Today I am super excited to share this new makeup blog post with you all...Have you guys ever had a dream/idea ? And woke up thinking I am going to try this out ? Well that is me and I am putting… Continue reading Makeup Look ( Aqua Blue Glow )

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1.2.3 Braids

Simple Easiest Braids as 1 . 2  . 3      Hi Everyone and welcome back, Today I am sharing this easiest braids as 1 2 3 , and literally anyone can do it even a KID.... Honestly I don't remember the last time I braided my hair, I always have my hair down either… Continue reading 1.2.3 Braids

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A Little Shimmer Glitter Makeup

A little Shimmer Glitter Makeup Look Hello Loves , How's everyone doing ? This month actually flew by super fast don't you guys think ? Today I am sharing this " Little Shimmer Glitter Makeup Look ", I don't personally wear much of shimmer/glitter on my face, Just because it tends to get a little… Continue reading A Little Shimmer Glitter Makeup

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DIY Projects by ME

⊗ DIY Projects Inspire By Me ⊗ Hello My Loves, I am back and I am super excited to share with you guys this DIY Hair Mask that I been trying for about a month now. SO LETS GET STARTER ♥ We all want the perfect smooth and healthy hair Right ? And everyone wants us to… Continue reading DIY Projects by ME